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Picture of the OSU charters with their new member educator Vince "Walrus" Crisostomo

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History from the beginning

Lambda Phi Epsilon , founded on February 25, 1981 , aimed to overcome limitations faced by traditional Asian-interest organizations on campus. Its founders sought to unite the diverse Asian American community, transcending national origin divisions. To address the issue of continuity, they adopted a fraternal structure, establishing strong bonds during undergraduate years and fostering lifelong commitments even after graduation.

Originally comprised of Asian Pacific Americans, Lambda Phi Epsilon welcomed all interested in supporting its goals. The fraternity, starting with the Alpha Chapter at UCLA, grew to six chapters by 1990. The first National Convention in 1990 marked the establishment of a governing body, overseeing chapter development and the fraternity as a whole. Lambda Phi Epsilon gained national recognition in 1990 and became the sole Asian-interest fraternity in the National Interfraternity Conference.

In 2004, Lambda Phi Epsilon expanded internationally with its first chapter at the University of Toronto. The fraternity joined the National Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Panhellenic Association in 2006 for increased collaboration. Today, Lambda Phi Epsilon is widely recognized as a leading international Asian-interest fraternal organization, known for its outstanding leadership, philanthropy, and community advocacy.

This takes us to the University of Oklahoma

On February 12, 2006 , six men came together to form the Lambda Phi Epsilon interest group, the Brotherhood of Asian Men (BAM). After venturing to Houston for the southwest regional event, Governor's Cup, they decided that Lambda Phi Epsilon was the perfect fit. By the Fall of 2006, BAM had more than doubled in size bringing its roster to fourteen brothers strong. Through their next year and a half venture, the men of BAM would travel across the nation, from California to New York, Texas to Michigan, meeting brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon and gaining experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. During this time, BAM held numerous philanthropic, brotherhood and social events to help the organization grow, bond, and establish recognition of its name. Finally on December 2nd, 2007, all fourteen men crossed, thus Lambda Phi Epsilon was formally brought to the University of Oklahoma. In all, the fourteen were of diverse backgrounds consisting members of Caucasian, Chinese, Hmong, Korean, and Vietnamese origins.


Finally on to Oklahoma State University ...

In December of 2019, three men came together to form the Lambda Phi Epsilon interest group, The Network of Visionary Academics (NOVA). Realizing the importance of diversity, especially Asian representation on campus, the process of bringing an Asian-interest fraternity to the school was in dire need. With their connections to the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon, they would travel to meet the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon at the University of Oklahoma. Lambda Phi Epsilon was deemed fit to create a lasting legacy for Asians on campus with the constant support of other universities and other multicultural greek communities.
In the spring of 2020, the creation of NOVA on campus solidified the start of the journey of bringing the first ever Asian fraternity on campus. Through thick and thin and multiple iterations of cycling through members, the group was finalized with 11 aspiring men. The creation of NOVAs allowed many ethnicities, not just Asian inclusive, to join. With members consisting of Caucasian, Chinese, Hmong, Vietnamese, and Pakistani origin, they believe in creating a unique group of men to tackle the diversity issues at Oklahoma State University.
In the spring of 2021, these 11 men went through "inspirational training" with The University of Oklahoma Alpha Phi Chapter. On April 26, 2021 , the Oklahoma State University Associate Chapter was brought on campus. Since becoming Lambdas, the Oklahoma State Chapter has inspired to be the change and take initiative to promote cultural diversity and allow Asian men on campus an opportunity to become a "leader among men."
The Oklahoma State Colony Chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon was founded by the following dedicated men:
Justin Brown
Kenny Duong
Ali Hussain
Leon Kien
Dillon Lam
Michael Lor
Kyle McCullough
Zach Montebon
Austin Nguyen
Justin Nguyen
Brandon Pham