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Officer 1

Aaron Chambers


#15 Aaron “Jimmy NeutRon” Chambers
Position: President
Uji: Justin Brown
Major: MIS & Finance
Ethnicity: African American

Officer 2

Pasfu Vang

Vice President of Internal Affairs

#17 Pasfu “Broke N Sexy” Vang
Position: VP | Internal Affairs
Uji: Kyle McCullough
Major: Biochemistry
Ethnicity: Hmong

Officer 3

Jamil Matin

Vice President of External Affairs

#19 Jamil “BΛBA” Matin
Position: VP | External Affairs
Uji: Justin Nguyen
Major: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ethnicity: Bengali

Officer 4

Adam Leicht

New Member Educator

#14 Adam “VΛMP” Leicht
Position: New Member Educator
Uji: Brandon Pham
Major: Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
Ethnicity: Filipino & German

Officer 5

Sid Gupta

Academic Chair

#21 Sid “Big $moke” Gupta
Position: Academic Chair
Uji: Austin Nguyen
Major: Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
Ethnicity: Indian

Officer 6

Jayden Kingery


#18 Jayden “ΛVATAR” Kingery
Position: Secretary
Uji: Michael Lor
Major: Finance & Marketing
Ethnicity: Korean & African American

Officer 7

Patrick Nguyen


#20 Patrick “keshi” Nguyen
Position: Treasurer
Uji: Ali Hussain
Major: Construction Engineering
Ethnicity: Vietnamese